2018-2019 registration begins August 4th, 10am-1pm, and continues during office hours Monday -Thursday, 10:00am-1:00pm.



The most respected form of dance because of the stringent discipline involving dozens of acute muscles used to produce just one step, ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance. Students develop a finely tuned, strong body and the ability to execute challenging movements. All Ballet classes perform in May Show.

Intro Ballet/Tap: K-2nd
Ballet 1: 3rd-5th
Ballet 2: 6th-12th (Basic; meets twice weekly)
Ballet 3: 6th-12th (Intermediate; meets twice weekly)
Ballet 4: 6th-12th (Advanced; meets twice weekly, Instructor approval required)


Ballet Production

A specialty class offered for students enrolled in Ballet 2, 3, or 4, this class gives gives students the opportunity to perform in a full-length ballet.  Students learn all about acting, pantomime, costuming, and staging.  All students enrolled will have a performing role in the Ballet.  Ballet Production meets weekly during the fall and concludes with a performance in February at the Historic Paramount Theater.

6th-12th: Students must be enrolled in Ballet 2, 3, or 4


First Steps

A mixture of movement and ballet style dance, First Steps is a preschool dance class that introduces simple rhythms to different genres of music.  Basic dance steps help fine tune young motor skills and improve coordination by stimulating deeper cognitive development.  All First Steps classes perform in May Show.

3-5 Years (must be potty trained)

tap shoes.jpeg

Happy Hour

A class for adults only, Happy Hour is thirty minutes of basic ballet exercises for stretching and strengthening followed by thirty minutes of tap for cardio and fun.  No experience necessary, so come have some fun and discover your inner dancer.  Happy Hour is non-performance based.

Ages 21 and older

Hip Hop

Derived from street dancing, hip hop is a complex dance style which uses techniques of contracting and releasing muscles, allowing isolated body parts to move independently of one another while synchronized with the beat of the music.  Hip hop is an exciting and expressive art form that is characterized by flexibility and musicality.  All Hip Hop classes perform in May Show.

Intro Hip Hop: K-2nd
Hip Hop 1: 3rd-5th
Hip Hop 2: 6th-12th (Basic)
Hip Hop 3: 6th-12th (Intermediate)
Hip Hop 4: 6th-12th (Advanced; Instructor approval required)



Jazz is a form of dance that showcases individual style and originality while practicing the art of suspension and explosion. Energetic and fun, jazz consists of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps, and quick turns.  All Jazz classes perform in May Show.

Intro Jazz: K-2nd
Jazz 1: 3rd-5th
Jazz 2: 6th-12th (Basic)
Jazz 3: 6th-12th (Intermediate)
Jazz 4: 6th-12th (Advanced; Instructor approval required)



When paired with movement and instrument play, music creates neurological magic.  Kindermusik lights up a child’s brain and positively impacts all areas of development. Children experience music of varying styles, genres, and cultures while interacting with other children and engaging in rhythm and vocal activities. Kindermusik is progress, not performance, based. Parents attend with child.

Village: Birth-18 months
Our Time: 18 months-3 years



Lyrical evolved as a fusion of Jazz and Ballet to express emotion through movement.  Lyrical combines poise, muscle control, and  flowing movements to create moments of self-expression and deep emotion through dance.  All Lyrical classes perform in May Show.

Lyrical 1: 3rd-5th
Lyrical 2: 6th-12th (Basic)
Lyrical 3: 6th-12th (Intermediate)
Lyrical 4: 6th-12th (Advanced; Instructor approval required)

Musical Theatre

 Musical Theatre is the successful integration of acting, dancing, and singing.  Skills such as vocal control, basic dance, and characterization are taught at age appropriate levels to students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  All Musical Theatre classes perform in the Musical Theatre Showcase in October and in May Show.  

Intro Musical Theatre: K-2nd
Musical Theatre 1: 3rd-5th
Musical Theatre 2/3: 6th-12th


Pointe is studied to further develop the ballet skills of an advanced ballet student.  Specially designed shoes allow the dancer to dance and balance on the tips of the toes.  Instructor approval is required for this class.  All Pointe classes perform in May Show.

Pointe: 6th-12th (Must be registered for Ballet; Instructor approval required)

Ring Around With Rosie

 Preschoolers are full of ideas, and making music with them is fun.  Mrs. Rosie provides the perfect place for them to imagine, improvise, express their creativity, and relate to others through music. Regular exposure to a musically rich environment with developmentally appropriate experiences fosters music skills as well as growth and development in many other areas essential to success in school and life.  Ring Around With Rosie is progress, not performance, based.  Parents do not attend with child.

3-5 years (must be potty trained)



A rhythmic style of percussive dance made by moving the feet in an endless combination of brushing, scraping, shuffling, and hopping sounds.  A universal favorite among all ages, tap can be performed with or without musical accompaniment.  All Tap classes perform in May Show.

Intro Ballet/Tap: K-2nd
Tap 1: 3rd-5th
Tap 2: 6th-12th (Basic)
Tap 3: 6th-12th (Intermediate)
Tap 4: 6th-12th (Advanced; Instructor approval required)